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car bumper protection

NOT SURE OF THE CORRECT COLOR ? If you are not sure of the color selection, please order a color chip sample for a best match. Bumper guards are close approximations and may vary slightly from actual color of vehicle. If you have any questions, please contact us prior to ordering. (*not recommended for repainted bumpers)

rear bumper guard
car bumper protector
- Non-stick coated blade
- Carbon steel blade
- Dual layer comfort grips

Reg $24.95  - SALE $19.95

Installation Videos

Tip & Techniques Installation Video - The following video will demonstrate the correct tips, tools and technique for correct rear bumper guard and bumper protector installation. The installation of bumper guards, door edge guards, and car door protectors is fast and easy. This video will cover the following information: surface preparation, measuring instructions.

2" Rear Bumper Guard Installation - 2" rear bumper guard installation tips and techniques. This installation video covers the basic installation techniques for proper bumper guard installation. The topics covered include surface preparation, measuring and attachment instructions. Our color matched front and rear bumper guards are available in over 50 colors.

2" Rear Bumper Guard Installation (Part 2) - 2" rear bumper
guard installation is fast and easy. This installation video covers surface preparation, measuring and attachment instructions. Color matched rear bumper guards and rear bumper protectors are available in 50+ colors.

2" Front Bumper Guard Installation - this video covers the basic tips and techniques to properly install our 2" front bumper guards and bumper protectors. Installation topics such as proper surface preparation, measuring and attachment instructions will be covered.

Special Installation Technique For Extra Protection - this video explains and demonstrates the proper techniques and skills required to either double your bumper guards thickness or how to install extra rear bumper guards or front bumper guards on your vehicle. Our color matched bumper guards are available in over 50+ colors.

Additional Information About Bumper Guards

2” Front and Rear Bumper Protectors For Maximum Car Bumper Protection
Our 2-inch Bumper Guard provides maximum car bumper protection. Car bumper guards are available in a variety of lengths and colors to best accommodate your automobile. Not sure of the quantity you need? Simply measure the car bumper and decide whether you want the bumper guard to wrap all around the bumper. For additional car protection check our full line of car door edge guards and vehicle door protectors.

Do-It-Yourself Car Bumper Protectors At Affordable Prices:
Give your vehicle the protection of 2” bumper guards without paying dealership prices. These are the identical bumper protectors, car door edge guards and bumper guards that are offered at many hi-end car dealerships. Our 2” bumper protectors are premium quality bumper protection with a 3M adhesive backing. Also, the color is injected into the bumper protector and runs through the bumper guard – so there is no need to paint the cut ends.

Not All Car Bumper Guards Are Created Equal:
Don’t be fooled by the cheap imitation bumper guards you find in auto part stores or car washes. These imitation car bumper guards will fall off after a few months time. Get the car bumper protection that the car deals use at a fraction of the cost. Do-it-yourself and save $$$.

Car Bumper Protection Has Never Been Easier:
The bumper protectors on this page are 2” in height and approximately 7.5mm thick. For added protection (1) you can double up the bumper guards by placing one on top of another. A doubled bumper protector will be almost 1/4” thick. (2) You can also use 2 bumper guard strips mounted one above the other to cover more surface area. Our bumper protectors are easy to attach and you can cut and trim the bumper guards for a custom look. 2” bumper protectors are easiest to install in a straight line. We recommend using blue tape to mark the area and create a straight line before attaching the bumper guard. This will ensure a professional looking installation.

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