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BumpShox XL - Front Bumper Guard


SALE $34.95
Features - BumpShox XL
bumper guards EXTRA WIDE - 14 Inches
bumper guards EXTRA THICK V-Tech Foam (Energy Absorbing)
bumper guards Will Not Crack or Rust Like A Cheap Metal Frame
bumper guards FLEX FIN EXTENDER - Protects Against Taller SUV's
bumper guards UNIVERSAL MOUNTING - Screws Not Included

BumpShox Features

front bumper guard

front bumper protection

Bumper Protection
front bumper guards Bumper Protector front bumper protector

Installation Videos

BumpShox Features Video - The following video will demonstrate the correct tips, tools and technique for correct rear bumper guard and bumper protector installation. The installation of bumper guards, door edge guards, and car door protectors is fast and easy. This video will cover the following information: surface preparation, measuring instructions.

BumpShox Installation Video - 2" rear bumper guard installation tips and techniques. This installation video covers the basic installation techniques for proper bumper guard installation. The topics covered include surface preparation, measuring and attachment instructions. Our color matched front and rear bumper guards are available in over 50 colors.

Additional Information About Front Bumper Guards

The Ultimate Car Bumper Protection For Your Front Bumper
The Popularity of SUVs has made parking on the streets of New York City more dangerous than ever. Taller SUV bumpers can easily over ride lower car bumpers and scratch a cars front bumper. To the rescue is the BumpShox car bumper protector, a replacement license plate frame and car bumper guard in one. For maximum car bumper protection the BumpShox is made from a flexible foam rubber that’s tougher than steel. The BumpShox car bumper guard will not rust, chip, bend out of shape or dent like powder coated metal bumper guards, nor will it crack like plastic bumper guards. For added car bumper protection the BumpShox has a top flex fin to guard against taller SUVs.

Why A BumpShox Car Bumper Guard ?
One of the best features of the BumpShox car bumper guard is that it will not change the appearance of your car…in fact its hardly noticeable. BumpShox designers purposely designed the product with sharp curves and angles in order to create a car bumper guard that’s more flexible and stealth. No other front car bumper guard compares.

A BumpShox Car Bumper Protector Blocks Parking Bumps
The BumpShox bumper protector was designed thicker, wider and taller than standard license plate frames for maximum car bumper protection. At 2.25”inches at its thickest point the BumpShox bumper guard is more than capable of absorbing parking bumps. For best impact absorption the BumpShox was designed out of a special foam rubber that blocks parking impacts, leaving your front car bumper safe.

Car Bumper Protection For Safer Street Parking
The BumpShox bumper guard is the ultimate car bumper protector for street parking. It was designed to protect a vehicle’s front bumper from parking related bumps, a common occurrence when parking. Without car bumper protection your front bumper is susceptible to chips and scratches every time you park on the street. Cars are more susceptible to front bumper damage because their front bumpers are lower than many SUVs and vans. These taller vehicle bumpers can easily over ride a standard license plate frame and scratch a cars front bumper. Similarly, vehicles with hitches protruding from the rear bumper can inflict serious damage on a car bumper. The BumpShox car bumper guard is the ultimate car bumper protector for safer street parking.

Vehicle Bumper Protection In Parking Garages
Car bumper protection can be a useful accessory when parking in a parking garage. Without car bumper protection a car bumper is easily damaged during parking. A small parking bump can easily scratch a car bumper. Why take a chance when parking in a parking garage? Accidents can happen and parking garages are no exception. Over crowded parking garages and limited parking spaces makes it difficult to maneuver a car in a parking garage environment and increases the risk of parking damage. To maximize car bumper protection BumpShox bumper guards are made from a flexible v-tech energy foam.

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